From Stressed to Best

One of the great fears we face is that, despite our efforts, we have failed our children. This book guides you through how to reduce their school anxiety and depression and release their true abilities to succeed.

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Our Story

How self-directed learning saved my child's life.

Case studies

Statistics and studies are included in most chapters.

get control

Anxiety & depression do not need to be a part of life.

become unique

Become a life-long learner who applies knowledge and critical thinking skills.

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Don't take my word for it. Read the statistics behind self-directed learning and see how this will change your life.

Mary Herrington

Author spotlight

For 8 years, Mary has brought her sense of humor, attitude of gratitude and ability to pivot on the spot to the lives of both her girls who suffer from different mental illnesses. One child has learning disabilities, PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar the other child has learning disabilities, anxiety and over 100 food allergies. She has stood by her oldest during 3 mental hospitalizations, advocated for the best treatment, and understands what it is like to face the reality of losing her child to suicide. Together, they pulled through the depths of despair to emerge on the other side. 

Mary Herrington

Readers say

I was captivated and pulled in. I can't believe what you've been through! A true inspiration!

Eugene Coghill, Author

You pulled me right in…Well thought out, excellent statistics and facts to back up self-directed learning as a solution to reducing anxiety and depression for tweens and teens.

 I just had the pleasure of reading your book. It is truly a wonderful, heartfelt account of your family and learning adventure. Thank you so much for sharing this all with us. Your book truly honors the child’s journey of self-realization. 

I felt school should not be causing my son so much pain. 7 year olds should not want to kill themselves. And now, with an understanding of Interest Led Learning, I have the hope that I can now help him learn and grow.

Sharon Eaves

Sharon Eaves, Mother