Holistic living is importing when handling chronic conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and pain. 

I've had primary insomnia my entire life (not caused by any known stressor). 

I also have 6 auto-immune disorders

 (Celiac, Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's, 

Mast Cell Disorder and Allergies - Food and Seasonal). 

Yet, I am on ZERO medications! 


Simple, I live what I believe in: Holistic Living!


Kim, Hodges Farm Charlotte, NC


"The FLORP was amazing! Farm work is hard and the pain usually wakes me up during the night. I slept solid and it smells great, too!" 

Danni, Store Owner Concord, NC


"Your sleep pillow helps me drift off to sleep more quickly now. Work and raising teens can be stressful. I know sleep peacefully."

Dr. Dunstan, Specialist Charlotte, NC


"I have diabetic neuropathy. Nothing has stopped the pain in my legs until I requested a special blend from Mary. The first time I used it, I wondered when the pain would return. It didn't for hours! Miracle!"

Nancy, Business Owner, Charlotte, NC


"I've had painful bone edema for years and nothing seemed to help, until Mary offered me a sample of her FLORP. The name is memorable but even more so is the lack of bone swelling and pain I have when I use it! It is my go-to for pain relief!"

Richard, Executive, Charlotte, NC


'I've struggled with sleep since I entered the work for 30 years ago. The Stress Relief pillow helps me drift off, stay asleep and ensures I will have a better next day due to being properly rested."

Daphne, Neurofeedback Specialist, Fort Lauderdale, FL


"Mary's special blend for focus and migraines helps my clients feel better within minutes."

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