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Conscious Parenting & Self-Led Learning Saved My Children's Lives

Can I tell you about my toughest parenting experience? I had a tween daughter who was serious about committing suicide rather than returning to school. I was forced between planning a funeral in the near future or homeschooling my child. Both sounded horrible! I was scared of what would happen if I did what others thought I should do (keep her in school and "toughen her up") and I was scared of what I didn't know how to do: educating her at home!

When I brought her home, I realized it wasn’t my daughter that had the issue. It was the environment she was in! The school’s method of teaching didn’t match how she learned. Between changing my parenting paradigm from authoritative to cooperative, allowing her time to heal from the damage school had done and encouraging her to follow her passions, I was able to save my daughter’s life! Now, she is 20 years old and starting her own business. The success we had with our oldest resulted in our youngest being homeschooled. It turns out she has multiple severe learning disabilities and visual disorders but in spite of this, she tests 1.5 grades ahead in her learning!

Hi, I’m Mary Herrington. I'm a best selling author, award winning blogger and keynote speaker on parenting and homeschool success with children who don't fit in the box. Would you be willing to spend 30 minutes with me to see if my methods would help your family?


When you live in partnership with your child, you reach a level of respect not often experienced by other parents. When neither of you are playing the role of "parent" and "child" they begin to trust and turn to you .


Never lose sight of what is important: your relationship. Skills can be learned later. Education is a life long experience. Having a strong base teaches them self reliance, self love and self confidence.


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