About Mary

Release your fear and begin to move from a place of peaceful love.


I have 2 girls. 

A young adult who struggles with mental wellness (anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, LD) learning disabilities & food allergies.


A tween who suffers from three severe learning disabilities & a vision disorder which leaves her with sight but not vision, ADHD, anxiety & food allergies.

Living in partnership enables them to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually at a pace that guarantees their success.


When you live in partnership with your child, you reach a level of respect not often experienced by other parents. When neither of you are playing the role of "parent" and "child" they begin to trust and turn to you .


Never lose sight of what is important: your relationship. Skills can be learned later. Education is a life long experience. Having a strong base teaches them self reliance, self love and self confidence.