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Heal Your Relationship

Heal Your Relationship With Your Child

Healing your relationship with your child can be stressful. This step-by-step course will take you from fights to freedom

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Rebuild With Food

Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too

Healing your body is as important as healing your relationships. If the brain isn't working well due to inflammation caused by foods which contain gluten, dairy and sugar, the work you are doing to better educate your child may not be absorbed. 

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Personalized Aromatherapy


Each situation is different. Aromatherapy, otherwise known as essential oils, do not stop anxiety and depression but they can help ease the symptoms. They also can be used to ease pain and increase focus. 

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Braless Visionary: 04/2019


Many families don't homeschool because they fear living on one salary. Let me show you how to become a Braless Visionary and join the 2500 women around the world who have tapped into their passion and created a salary.

Coming April 2019