What Is a Dream Pillow?

Specialty Herbs


As a master aromatherapist and herb specialist, the blends I create are specifically created to help you reduce stress and sleep more soundly.

No Chemicals

Organic grown garden

Each of the herbs in my dream pillow has either been grown in my own garden and dehydrated in my certified 100% gluten-free kitchen, sourced from the farm next door or exotic herbs are sourced from all natural and sustainable farms.

Hand Dyed Cotton

Batik Hand Dyed Cotton

My selection of Batik hand-dyed cotton squares are purchased from women owned businesses in Indonesia where women fight against gender based violence. We believe in supporting other women and giving back to the world.

Stress Relief


Many professions are high in stress: doctors, attorneys, social workers, teachers, fire fighters, police, EMT, etc. Other times in life, stress increases such as puberty, menopause and hospital visits. Having an herbed pillow created to reduce stress helps you through the night 

Insomnia Relief

Insomnia Relief

Insomnia is caused by many things: stress, medicines, caffeine, pain, racing thoughts, anxiety, etc. Due to the speciality blend of herbs to help lull you off to sleep, your insomnia may become less of an issue allowing you to be more alert and engaged during the day! 

Be Engaged in Life

Happy Family Time

Better sleep results in more patience, less anxiety, less depression and a feeling of happiness. You will be more involved with your family, work or other activities which bring you joy. Enjoy life again.

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