Heal Your Relationship

Become the Parent They Deserve

If you've ever wanted a face-to-face experimental program that helped you further develop your intuitive parenting methods (the ones that feel right but you are too afraid to try), with a down-to-earth, no frills approach, this EXCLUSIVE offer is for you.

Beginning January 2019

Just in time for the holiday jitters to wear off and the humdrum boredom of the winter to kick in when the kids begin to get on your nerves, now is the perfect time to begin working on your relationship before they are home for the summer!

What To Expect

  • Experienced and proven parenting in partnership insight. You will hear about the before and after results of traditional parenting vs. parenting in partnership.
  • Intuitive Parenting: Learn the art of listening to what is NOT being said but what is being acted.
  • Hearing vs. Listening: Discover the difference between the two and how to use listening to heal your relationship with your child.
  • Sacred Space: Create a sacred space where you can communicate with your child, and yourself, to express your frustration and your love.
  • Partner with Your Child: Explore a variety of ways to connect with your child on their level. 
  • Visioning everyday "Magick": Uncover your ability to create magick in your own life with your child and set the vision so you create what you truly desire.

How It Works

These 6 LIVE sessions will be taught by me, Mary Herrington, online the second Saturday of the month, beginning January 12th, from 3-6pm.

  • Lessons will be provided via email and during class.
  • Grand Finale class on May 13th will celebrate your accomplishments and share how you have created a new legacy for your family.
  • Participants will receive my  best selling book "From Stressed to Best"
  • Participants will receive a "Welcome Gift" which includes special crystals and herbs to help gain trust, love and communication, as well as a proprietary blend of aromatherapy oils to help with anxiety.
  • 24 hour hands on learning.



"I really really enjoyed this book. While it's harrowing in parts it conveys such an important message, that healing is possible, that it's not too late to change Finding what works for your family"through different methods mentioned in this book. The author offers a realistic approach to education that could revolutionize home school.

Jeff Barnes

Great book & coaching on how to heal and help children with emotional issues learn. As a parent whose children were denied services and supports in the public school, I needed help repairing the damage and teaching them independence. This book will help you do just that.


"Very well written book . This is a great book to read if you are thinking about homeschooling your child. Very easy read and it has tons of great resources for homeschoolers. 


Pat Farenga, John Holt GWS

"Mary moves from her personal story to an overview of homeschooling methodologies, including a sample daily schedule for each method, describes the process of deschooling and how it worked in her family as they leaned into unschooling, how friends and family can help you expand your learning community, an FAQ about self-directed learning and why it works for her family, and many useful resource lists. But what makes the book stand out is when she discusses mental illness and her two children." 

Sharon in Utah

"Your coaching, and book, saved my son's life. No 7 year old should want to commit suicide. This book, and your coaching, helped me gain back my son, have a better relationship and know I was doing it right."

Irene-Head of School System in Italy

"As head of a large school district in Italy, and whose daughter suffers from anxiety, I have brought the suggestions of this book into our entire school system and implemented them for better education and support for our children. Thank you for writing this amazing book! I suggest it to all our parents who are in need."


Healing Your Relationship


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Less than $200 a month to learn how to fix and rebuild your relationship into one which you are proud of, look forward to being with your child and can leave a legacy of new and oving habits.