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Are you feeling stressed? Is your child stressed?

Parenting  can be overwhelming.  Doors slam, voices raise and suddenly words are coming out of your mouth you swore you'd never say. You run to the bathroom and look in the mirror and see a stranger.  Parenting can literally bring you to your knees, in tears, wishing you hadn't become your worst nightmare. 

I've worked with thousands of parents to repair the relationship with their child. 

My  best-selling book, From Stressed to Best, is being used in an entire school system in Italy because my parenting and educational system works, guaranteed. Read a review here.

I also conduct live and online classes, retreats and workshops to help you gain clarity and access your own personal power for healing and success.

Whether you homeschool, like we do, or attend school in person, each of my programs are proven systems which have changed the lives of thousands of women.



Toshia in FL

"I really really enjoyed this book. While it's harrowing in parts it conveys such an important message, that healing is possible, that it's not too late to change Finding what works for your family"through different methods mentioned in this book. The author offers a realistic approach to education that could revolutionize home school.

Jeff Barnes

Great book & coaching on how to heal and help children with emotional issues learn. As a parent whose children were denied services and supports in the public school, I needed help repairing the damage and teaching them independence. This book will help you do just that.

Rachel in MA

"Mary was a lifesaver! My children were diagnosed with severe food allergies, behavioral issues, anxiety and depression. I was overwhelmed and feeling lost. Mary not only helped me with their anxiety and depression but also how food effects behavior. Our life is now calm, quiet and happy. Thank you Mary!"

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