Change Your Parenting Paradigm

Mind: Regain Your Health & Life

Live a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life 

Have happier and more fulfilling relationships 

Body: Become the Best You

Become the individual you always thought you could be 

Reconnect with life in a more rewarding and satisfying way 

Live an unrestricted lifestyle ready to tackle any challenge 

Spirit: Live A More Accepting Life

 Learn to appreciate uniqueness and imperfection 

Experience a more stable home environment 

Freedom from medication and/or drug use


Best Selling Book

Find out how this book has influenced other parent's lives.

Life Changing Coaching

Discover how working with Mary can change your life. 


Lead Don't Manage

Once you learn how traditional authoritative parenting (management) damages your relationship with your child who is already struggling, you will never turn back. My common sense approach (leadership) will amaze you.   You will become relaxed and peaceful.

Work with Me-1:1 Coaching

Initial 1 Hour Consultation

$25 fee, applied to your coaching when you sign up for the 4 week or 8 week Mentoring with Mary program.

We cover parenting paradigms as well as homeschooling with special needs, if applicable. 

Connect More With Your Family

 Choose between 1 hour, 4 week or 8 week programs.

"You gave me the confidence to trust my children and trust myself. We now learn more, laugh more and live more!" Gina in NC

Most Requested: 8 Weeks To A New Life

Unlimited email access

Weekly 1:1 mentoring

Change your habits, develop a new attitude, skill and knowledge.  We cover how to create new principals within yourself and your family for better insight and work on solutions together. 

Discover your focus, align and empower your life. 

Parenting in Partnership witih Your Child: Group starts 6/1

Collaborate with other parents

Work together to find new solutions and support one another. 

Change Your Life

Over the course of 12 weeks, your life will change. Your relationship with yourself, your child and your partner will expand and new habits created.

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What are the basic principles? 

How will they change my life?

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