Rebuild Through Food


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If you've been looking for a tried and true program to lower inflammation, reduce pain and increase your quality of life, this EXCLUSIVE offer is for you.

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Step into a new you with a new attitude, new habits and a new life. We will meet once a week for 4 weeks to learn about anti-inflammatory foods. We will remove all gluten, dairy and sugar of all forms.

What To Expect

  • 4 Weeks of delicious menus: All recipes are family tested and approved.
  • Herbology 101: Learn the basics about how herbs can help different vitamin deficiencies and aid in finding better overall health.
  • Cravings & their meanings: Uncover the truth behind your chocolate and chip cravings.
  • Taming the Sugar Dragon: Tips and tricks on how to beat the sugar craving for good.

How It Works

Each live online class is taught by me, Mary Herrington, every Sunday in January for 1 hour: 3-4pm

  • Explore different food experiences
  • Expand your current menu options
  • Examine your relationship with food
  • Participants get a copy of my book "Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too"
  • Participants get a "Welcome Pack" which includes herbs, information on the herbs healing properties, crystals and a proprietary blend of aromatherapy oils to aid in digestion, healing and chakra alignment.


Oceana: Saved my sanity

"Mary's 1:1 attention after my son was diagnosed with Celiac saved my sanity! She was always available, helped guide me through new decisions and what products are good and which are not."

Lindsay-Saved me money

"Mary's experience at how to do gluten-free on a shoestring has saved me thousands of dollars this year alone! We eat delicious food and do so safely and a fraction of the cost!"

Jessica: GF Vegan

"Unbelievable knowledge and ability to convert gluten and dairy recipes to gluten free and dairy free without sacrificing taste or nutrition! My world has opened up! My children no longer hurt when they eat and we are happier, healthier and enjoying life!"

Irene-Best GF Bread Recipe

"Going gluten-free was really hard on me. I love bread. I'm Italian. Bread goes with every meal. Mary helped me determine a specific flour blend for me (allergic to potato, corn and tapioca) so I can make bread for less and not get sick."

Andy-Best Talk Ever

"Mary is a powerhouse of information. She spoke at gluten free conference about the science behind GF baking. She had me laughing, crying and relating to everything she said. Her book is amazing and now I bake with confidence."

Carol: No Longer Worry

"I no longer worry about if my kitchen could cross contaminate my Celiac child. Mary went through my entire kitchen with me and helped determined where cross could come from."


Rebuild Through Food

4 Week Course


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For less than a cup of Starbucks a day, this course includes menus, live support, 1:1 support, group support and items listed above.